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Wed, Jan 10th 2018

Thu, Jan 11th 2018

Fri, Jan 12th 2018

Sat, Jan 13th 2018

Sun, Jan 14th 2018

Mon, Jan 15th 2018

Das Kleine Licht Bin Ich

Ein Lichtspiel-Tanztheater ab 3 Jahre

Performance dates:
Sun Jan 14, 4 pm
Mon Jan 15, 10 am

Light and shadow set off to create a world of light and dark in the big universe. These two elements could not be more different, but together they create beautiful images. As quickly as their images appear, however, they disappear again and are transformed into ever-changing creations of fantasy. In the interplay of light and darkness, sounds and silence, stillness and movement, a dream theatre full of magic and beauty is created.
The T-Werk production "Das kleine Licht bin ich" (I Am the Little Light) is the first joint production between the dancer Laura Heinecke and musician Nicolas Schulze. A fairy-tale world that challenges the creative imagination of children and shows how new imagery can be created with the simplest of means by combining dance, music and live projections.

TICKETS (advance sale)
T-Werk: Tel. 0331 71 91 39
Adults 7 € (Box office + 1 €)
Kids 5 € (Box office + 1 €)
Family ticket 21 € (Box office + 1 €)
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Director: Jens-Uwe Sprengel
Dance: Laura Heinecke
Stage, projections: Heide Schollähn
Music: Nicolas Schulze
Costume: Heather MacCrimmon
Choreography: Stephanie Scheubeck
Stage assistance: Wolf Dieckmann
Technology: Henning Günther
Duration: 40 min.
Age: From 3 years upwards, non-verbal

Photo: Bernd Gurlt

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Made in Potsdam is presented by fabrik Potsdam and Kunstraum Potsdam in co-operation with T-Werk, Viktoriagarten bookshop and the Stiftung Gedenkstätte Lindenstraße Potsdam. The Artists-in-residence program is supported by Landeshauptstadt Potsdam and the Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur des Landes Brandenburg.


Online-Tickets available at (add. 10% Booking-Fee)
Box office [business days 11 am - 5 pm]: +49 331 24 09 23
Tickets are also available at most booking offices in Potsdam and Berlin.


The box office is situated directly at the venue
which opens 60 minutes before the event begins.
At the evening box office remaining tickets will be sold at the walk-up-price.


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