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Wed, Jan 10th 2018

Thu, Jan 11th 2018

Being - Deutschlandpremiere

Bára Sigfúsdóttir (Brüssel)

Performance dates:
Thu January 11, 2018, 8 pm
Fri January 12, 2018, 9 pm

How does the body speak? Is its language universal? The Icelandic choreographer Bára Sigfúsdóttir met the dancers Masoumeh Jalalieh and SeyedAlireza Mirmohammadi in Teheran. This encounter was the starting point for Being, a East-West dialogue between two people on stage, as well as between Europe and Iran. Here bodies appear in place of words and explanations - they are the binding element between people, between the audience and performer, and highlight similarities instead of differences. Being is a quiet piece, which sharpens our sensibilities and attention.
Following: Audience Discussion with the Artists.


Single ticket
Evening box office: 14 € / red., tanzcard, ViP-ABO 12 € / up to 19 years 7 €
Advance sale: 12 € / red., tanzcard, ViP-ABO 10 € / up to 19 years 5 €

Festival pass: 30 €


Choreografie: Bára Sigfúsdóttir
Kreation und Performance: Masoumeh Jalalieh und SeyedAlireza Mirmohammadi
Musik: Eivind Lønning
Kostüme: Andrea Kraenzlin
Licht Design: Jan Fedinger
Dramaturgie: Sara Vanderieck
Technische Leitung: Marie Vandecasteele und/oder Bardia Mohammad
Managment: A Propic / Line Rousseau und Marion Gauvent
Produktion: GRIP
Eine Koproduktion von Vooruit Arts Centre / DNA - Departures and Arrivals, DansBrabant, DANCE ON PASS ON DREAM ON, workspacebrussels / Life Long Burning, Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre, de Grote Post und C-TAKT
Mit Unterstützung von fabrik Potsdam im Rahmen vom Programm Artists-in-residence, Platform 0090, Grand Theatre and CAMPO
Mit finanzieller Unterstützung der Regierung von Flandern, der Botschaft der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, dem Kreationsprogramm der Europäischen Union, der Stadt Antwerpen und des Goethe Instituts.
Vielen Dank an Andrean Sigurgeirsson und Martin Blank
Dauer: ca. 50 Minuten

Photo: Maryam Ghiasi

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Fri, Jan 12th 2018

Sat, Jan 13th 2018

Sun, Jan 14th 2018

Mon, Jan 15th 2018


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