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Thu, Jan 12th 2017

LEGACY - Deutschlandpremiere

Nadia Beugré (Lille)

Dance / fabrik Potsdam / 60 min

Dates: Thu Jan 12 + Fri Jan 13, 2017, 8 pm

A group of women runs, perseveringly and decisively, accompanied by the rhythmic singing of the musician Manou Gallo. Their bodily struggle is obvious as well as their fragility and their mutual solidarity as they permanently overtake at the front of the group. The first scene of "Legacy" is a direct reference to the women's march of 1949 in Bassam (Ivory Coast), in which numerous women demonstrated peacefully for the release of their men. Together with the dancer Hanna Hedman and amateur dancers from Potsdam, Nadia Beugré pays tribute to the women who fought for their rights, their freedom and dignity and that of their people. Who were they? How can they become a source of inspiration for the struggles of our time? In this performance, the dance and the bodies develop an incomparable strength, born from emotions, risk taking and the courage of a mission.

Evening box-office: 14 € / red. ticket, tanzcard, ViP-ABO 12 € / up to the age of 19 years 6 €
Pre-sale (+10% fee): 12 € / red. ticket, tanzcard, ViP-ABO 10 € / up to the age of 19 years 4 €

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Fri, Jan 13th 2017

Sat, Jan 14th 2017

Sun, Jan 15th 2017



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