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Thu, Jan 15th 2015

Fri, Jan 16th 2015

Sat, Jan 17th 2015

Sun, Jan 18th 2015

Fri, Jan 30th 2015



Photo: Coexistence - Marek Kucera

07:00 Oxymoron Dance Company (Potsdam)
07:45 SHIFTS / David Brandstätter (Berlin)
08:45 Oxymoron Dance Company (Potsdam)
09:30 SHIFTS / David Brandstätter (Berlin)
06:00 to 10:00 pm Peter Trosztmer, Thea Patterson, Jeremy Gordaneer (Montréal)
10:00 Concert - Juicy Goats (Potsdam)

TICKETS (For all day):
Presale: 12 € / tanzcard 10 € / red. 10 € / up to 19 years 4 €
Evening box office: + 2 €


Oxymoron Dance Company (Potsdam)
Dance and Theater
fabrik Potsdam

"Crying is lying to the world..." Gloom and the apocalyptic mood of the poem "End of the world" by Else Lasker-Schüler are the starting points for issues that still bother us today: How do we function in this world and how should the world work for us? We are torn between a desire for entercounters and community and our narcissistic ego. The performers play with sound, words and dance - they repel each other, mix again, fighting with and for each other. Performers include Luxembourg dancer and singer Catherine Elsen, Potsdam actress Melanie Straub, Berlin dancer Hong Nguyen Thai, and others. A choreography by Anja Kozik.

Duration: ca 30 minutes


SHIFTS / David Brandstätter (Berlin):
Dance performance

Based on selected moments, several dialogues and individual experiences, David Brandstätter portrays his idea of freedom and how it developed over time. Balancing, shifting between language, image, sound and movement, he describes being free as a path of constant questioning, of critical negotiations with oneself, and of liberating one's imagination. He invites the audience to contribute freely to this process.

Duration: ca 40 minutes


Peter Trosztmer, Thea Patterson, Jeremy Gordaneer (Montréal):
"Box Tape"
Waschhaus Kunstraum

Using a shit load of clear packing tape and through a shared sense of labor, hospitality, and dance, we invite the public to join with us as we build and dance in a sculpture with tape that binds together the social fabric of the performance environment. We will question the idea of 'product' by broadening the parameters and perception of what a performance event might look and how the interaction might unfold. A sticky situation...

A social investigation
Architecture as Performance
Getting Caught.

Duration: from 6 to 10 pm


Juicy Goats play pure groove. Or is it R 'n' B? Jazz? Babyface and John Coltrane? Do they fit together?
In any case, the music of Juicy Goats is SOUL FOOD! The Goats are relentlessly inspired by the best and mix their music neatly. With vocals / bass, drums and synti the Potsdam based band, formed by musicians Max Punstein and Nicolas Schulze, plays infectious music with Piotr Reimer (Berlin).

Piotr Reimer - e-bass, vocals
Nicolas Schulze - fender rhodes, synth
Max Punstein - drums



Sat, Jan 31st 2015

Sun, Feb 1st 2015



Made in Potsdam is presented by fabrik Potsdam and Waschhaus Kunstraum in co-operation with T-Werk.


Online-Tickets available at
Box office [business days 11 am - 5 pm]: +49 331 24 09 23
Tickets are also available at most booking offices in Potsdam and Berlin.


The box office is situated directly at the venue
which opens 60 minutes before the event begins.
At the evening box office remaining tickets will be sold at the walk-up-price.


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T-Werk | Schiffbauergasse 4e, 14467 Potsdam
Waschhaus Kunstraum | Schiffbauergasse 4a, 14467 Potsdam

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