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Thu, Jan 15th 2015

Fri, Jan 16th 2015

Sat, Jan 17th 2015



Venue: fabrik Potsdam

When a choreographer is interested in science, wonderful strange work can appear. In "Rien n'est établi" five performers busily conduct small experiments, for one hour. They are amazed at the impact of the laws of physics on their movements and explore with all seriousness and unwanted clumsiness the limits of their bodies. In "Rien n'est établi" (in French an anagram of "Albert Einstein") Martine Pisani uses the stage as an adventure field for a new physics, in which "the instability of the one is associated with the indeterminacy of the other". As in the theory of relativity, the subjective point of view and the attraction of masses are crucial. Each depends on the others and the forces combine in unexpected directions. Martine Pisani plays with the (artistic) chaos, just as physicists dream and test probabilities when designing new equations.

Ticket for 1 performance
Presale: 12 € / tanzcard 10 € / red. 10 € / up to 19 years 4 €
Evening box office: + 2 €

Ticket for 2 performance (on the same day)
Presale: 15 € / tanzcard 13 € / red. 13 € / up to 19 years 5 €
Evening box office: + 2 €


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Sun, Jan 18th 2015

Fri, Jan 30th 2015

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Sun, Feb 1st 2015



Made in Potsdam is presented by fabrik Potsdam and Waschhaus Kunstraum in co-operation with T-Werk.


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The box office is situated directly at the venue
which opens 60 minutes before the event begins.
At the evening box office remaining tickets will be sold at the walk-up-price.


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