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Wed, Jan 8th 2014


"WEIT UND BREIT" / "INVISIBLE ROADS" (Ausschnitt) / "UPHILL" (Kurzversion)

"Uphill" - Photo: Ping Hsu

Venue: fabrik Potsdam

Three very different choreographies are presented at the opening night of the festival. While Shang-Chi Sun and Henrik Kaalund create in their pieces a dance counterpoint to the music, Laura Heinecke puts the relationship of two dancers and the topic of relationship as starting point of her new piece.

In her new piece 'Invisible Roads', choreographer and dancer Laura Heinecke subtly deals with the consequences of a global and interconnected world on our relationships. Together with the Israeli choreographer Shai Faran and the Greek dancer Yannis Karalis, a poetic duet emerges. It dances through various encounters, gradually creating a meshwork of dependences. Through body language and minimalist means of stage, Heinecke creates touching scenes about the conflict between individual freedom and responsibility for the other. The lightness of dance and elements of situation comedy and irony create a microcosm beyond any moral judgment. Let yourself be immersed by the alternating stillness and motion in ´Invisible Roads´ to find a common place between alone and together.

'Uphill' is a game of hide and seek. Three men stand in the centre of a bare room. Shang-Chi Sun, David Essing and Ross Martinson together with the loud and almost tangible music complete a square of compact energy. The simplicity of the stage underlines the bodies' architecture and the invisible lines of tension. Omnipresent is the desire for the Other - the friend, the brother, the stranger and perhaps even the enemy. The result is a trio of simple beauty at the edge between game, provocation and confidence. Sometimes meditative, sometimes radical, the core of human being is revealed between the visible and the hidden.

"Shang-Chi Sun penetrated and articulated the connection between Eastern and Western cultural bodies – a connection supported by joints and sound. It is not only about stillness and patterns, but about an awakened inner power in the silence, like an energy awaits to project the future from the body presence. This is virtual reality, organismic floating." ART FORUM (Taiwan), 14th March 2013, Tai-So Cheng

During the ´Intersonanzen´ Festival, dancer and choreographer Henrik Kaalund undertook the experiment of choreographing a solo dance on Thomas Gerwin´s music. A dance emerged where sound and space coexist, where noise and physicality become renegotiated. Through proximity and distance, diverse relationships between dance and music become visible.


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"Weit und Breit"
Choreography, Dance: Henrik Kaalund, Music: Thomas Gerwin, Light: Jens Siewert, With friendly support by Intersonanzen, A coproduction by fabrik Potsdam in frame of the programm "Artists-in-Residence"
Duration: 16 min

"Invisible Roads"
Artistic director: Laura Heinecke, Choreography: Shai Faran, Dance: Laura Heinecke, Yannis Karalis, Dramaturgy: André Soares, Music: Arne Assmann, A coproduction by fabrik Potsdam in frame of the programm "Artists-in-Residence"
Duration: 30 min

Choreography: Shang-Chi Sun, Assistant Choreography: Annapaola Leso, Dance: David Essing, Ross Martinson, Shang-Chi Sun, Music: Jörg Ritzenhoff, Light: Hans Fründt, Kamil Rhode,
A production by Company Shang-Chi Sun commissioned by National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center, Taiwan. A coproduction by fabrik Potsdam in frame of the programm "Artists-in-Residence". With support by Sophiensaele Berlin. With financial support by the cultural dept of City of Berlin, Duration: 30 min

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